An audio-responsive installation made of recycled umbrellas.
Made in collaboration with Romane Courdacher
Presented in Native Instincts, Royal College Of Art, London, 2018

“Afar” Album Release (Live)

Bascula, Tel Aviv, 23/8/18
Pictures by Ariel Efron

“Advert Music” Album Release (Live)

Hila Ruach & Future Shock
Barby, Tel Aviv, 9/6/18
Art by Omri Kaufman

Meuban Live at Levontin 7

Live Visuals projected at Levontin, Tel Aviv, 27.9.17.
Live Footage by True Twins

Audio Visual Experimental Performance

An audio-visual instrument, allowing the user to play music and create visuals at the same time.
Animations by Nimrod Sapir
Platform and videos by Zohar Dvir