Zohar Dvir is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist creating animated and interactive work inspired by some of the bigger questions of philosophy and psychology.

Dvir originally studied Visual Communication in Jerusalem, where she developed a name for herself in the VJ world, designing moving image projections for clubs and musicians. After moving to London to study a masters at the Royal College of Art, Dvir fell in love with filmmaking and immersive storytelling. Her distinctive animation style is self-taught, and blends two and three-dimensional elements as well as a healthy dose of surrealism.

A fascination with philosophy and psychoanalysis fuels Dvir, prompting her to explore the deeper questions around what makes us human, and what that means for the stories we tell. It’s mixed together with a sense of off-kilter humour, which adds a unique kind of playfulness to her work.

Dvir’s work spans music videos, games, interactive installations and animated short films – including the tragi-comic Mercury’s Retrograde, which Dvir describes as “an inner dialogue about seeking answers”.


MA Royal College of Art, London - Information Experience Design (Moving Image)
B.Des Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem - Visual Communication

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2020 Vimeo Staff Pick Mercury’s Retrograde
2020 UK Student Award 2020 (Mercury’s Retrograde) Encounters Film Festival
2020 Best Design 2020 (Mercury’s Retrograde) IED, Royal College of Art
2017 America-Israel Cultural Foundation Winner in the field of Visual Communication Design

Selected Screenings

2021 London Short Film Festival Mercury’s Retrograde
2020 London International Animation Festival Mercury’s Retrograde
2020 Encounters Film Festival Mercury’s Retrograde
2020 Lago Film Fest Intergalactic Love Story: Part 1
2020 Vienna Shorts Film festival Intergalactic Love Story: Part 1
2020 Ann Arbor Film Festival We Are Future Shock
2019 Annecy WTF2019 We Are Future Shock
2019 Ottawa International Animation Festival We Are Future Shock
2019 Pictoplasma Berlin We Are Future Shock
2018 Pictoplasma Berlin Metaphysical World


2019 Barbican Centre Future Fest Late: Future of Storytelling - PreGenesis
2019 V&A Museum of Childhood Festival of play - Augmented Reality Play
2019 Sonar+D Chair Quartet
2019 IRCAM Centre Pompidou Paris Chair Quartet
2019 London Light: Late Light Oasis
2018 Jerusalem Design Week Flag


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2018 Domus
2018 Mako

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