Butterfly Kiss - A Short Film (Coming Soon)

Category: Animated Short
Length: ca. 10 minutes
Technique: 2D, 3D
Genre: Horror, Love Story
Director, Writer: Zohar Dvir
Producers: Amit Russell Gicelter, Fabian Driehorst
Production Companies: Fabian&Fred, The Hive Studio
Funding: MOIN Film Fund, Gesher Multicultural Film Fund
Countries: Germany, Israel

Carol panics and quarrels with her girlfriend Ray after an unexpected proposal. The situation worsens when she wakes up to an apocalyptic reality and dreadfully discovers that Ray had transformed into a butterfly. Ray’s metamorphosis, the invasion of the outside world into their home and the growing tension between the two threaten their relationship. Carol is afraid of losing Ray…

...but devoting to her girlfriend might come at a price.